Voice over

We at Lingo Solution are an established and well known voice over service provider. Our studio is equipped with latest equipment of superior quality sound track. Our experts can provide voice over solutions for all types of businesses. We have a team of skilled and experienced voice over artists who know how to cater to your requirements and deliver the desired results. We keep our talent pool fresh and trained to meet the ever increasing demand of voice over services. We have an array of both male and female voice over artists to cater to both the requirements. Our latest and advanced machines have the ability to convert the master copy of the voice over file into different formats like .mp3, .wav, etc.  

Our Voice-Over Services:-

  • Advertisement
  • Documentary
  • Explainer Video
  • E-Learning
  • Corporate IVR
  • Audio Book

Advertisement: - It is generally considered as Public Communication that promotes a product, service, brand and events. 

Print Advertising: - Newspaper, Magazines, & Brochure advertisements, etc.

Broadcasting Advertising: - Television and Radio advertisements.

Product/Brand integration: - Product placements in entertainment media like TV shows, YouTube video, etc.

Digital advertising: - Advertisements displayed over the internet and digital devices.

Documentary: - Documentaries are 30-minutes to 2 hours in length (to fit within a television schedule or for theatrical release). It is a genre of movie making that uses video & film scenes, photographs and/or sound of real people and real events which when edited together creates a particular story, viewpoint, message or experience. 

Explainer Video: - Explainer videos are shorts online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product and service. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, your website’s home page, or a prominent product page. These types of videos have become extremely popular. 

E-Learning: - An LMS is designed to make life easier for those in charge of training and development—e.g., identifying and assessing individual and organizational learning goals, tracking progress toward meeting those goals and collecting and presenting data for supervising the learning process.

Corporate IVR: - Interactive Voice Process (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients.

IVR systems can also be used in more complicated ways to simplified processes in other departments.

Sales - IVR Systems enable customers to fill out sales order forms with a phone keypad. 

Marketing – Marketers can use IVR systems to send out surveys to gauge interest in a product or service.

Audio Book: - An Audio book allows a person to listen to a recording of the text of the books, rather than read the text of the book.

Benefits of Audio Book:-

  • High Profit Margin
  • Reach a New and wider audience
  • No need for stock storage
  • Stand out online
  • Budget-friendly

Q 1. How to contact Lingo solution for translation/transcription?

Request a Quote: you just need to the fill the ‘Contact Us’ form and we will get back to you with a detailed price quotation.
Upload Source Files: Follow these easy steps and we will get back to you shortly -1. Upload source files and documents to a secure server 2. Open Dropbox account and instantly share the link to info@lingsolution.com 3. Now, send the source files to info@lingosolution.com, Give Us a Call: you can contact us by dialing on these numbers – +91-81303 32040

Q: What are the file formats accepted by you?

A: We accept the following file formats: File Formats Document: XLSX, PDF, PPT, XLS, DOC, EPUB, ODS, ODP, ODT and more Video: WMV, MPEG, Mov, m4v, VOB, MP4, FLV, AVI and more Audio: MP3, MPG, WAV, MP4, FLAC, FLV, WMA, RMVB, AVI, AIFF, AAC and more

Q: What type of translation/transcription can I outsource?

A: You can outsource all types of translation, as we provide high quality output for all translation types – documents, audio files, image files, video files, multimedia, certificates, websites, contracts and so on.

Q: Will you keep our data/information safe and secure?

A: All the data and content uploaded on our server is encrypted and protected against any potential threats in the cyberspace

Q: Do you have native and professional team for translation/transcription?

A: Yes, We have native, expert and professional team for translation/transcription. Provide excellent quality and deliver the project on time.